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Travel Tips » "Reveal the Untouched Beauty of Himalayas with Us"

General Travel Tips

We have put together a couple of simple general guidelines for you to follow, to make your trip to Himachal a truly pleasant one. Himachal is a land of diversities, quite different from any other district. Each district in Himacha has its own distinct culture, language, traditions and food habits quite different from the rest of the states country – so it is advised that you read the following guidelines carefully to avoid any hassles or unwanted troubles along your journey. Traveling is generally supposed to be fun irrespective of whether it is for business meetings or pleasure. When planning to travel it is of paramount importance to gain some personal knowledge ideas as well as the local knowledge to guarantee a travel experience that is fun-filled. This also applies to a small group that is traveling together because it is the very vital for the whole groups safety. Before the travelers set out, the means of communication must be established as well as an agreement made on how individuals should keep in touch once they split. While traveling for vacation is fun, you may want to check out the following tips to make your travel a very pleasant experience.

List All Needs :

Make sure that you all have the things you need before you travel. Better write down all the stuffs you need and check each items while packing up. This actually works since people tend to forget things most of the time.

Take Needed Medications :

Travelers are very prone to typical diseases such as diarrhea, headache, backaches, and nausea or that feeling of dizziness. Typical paracemotal and anti-diarrhea drugs will help.

Clothes & Accessories :

Himachal Pradesh is a state that is located in the foot of Himalayas in India. The rugged terrain and varying altitude leads to in drastic temperature change in this region. There may be sudden change in temperatures due to rainfall in upper altitudes due to which the temperature here drops. Woolens are the best clothes to wear in Himachal Pradesh. If you are traveling in summer months, you may carry light weight clothes, but a couple of light woolens should be taken along in case the evenings suddenly get chilly. Generally speaking you must include cotton outfits, sunglasses, hats, mosquito repellant cream/lotion, shoes/ light sandals, moisturizing lotion and sun-block lotion mandatory, while planning your trip. If you are traveling to hill stations or the Himalayas do ensure that you carry woolen outfits with you. When in public places, care must be exercised to ensure your clothes are within the purview of decency to avoid unwanted attention.

Water :

Carry a bottle of mineral water with you at all times. Do ensure that the seal is not tampered with when buying mineral water bottles. Do not drink water from public taps or road-side vendors. If you feel like having a juice, please have it from a hygienic restaurant than from a road-side shack.

Transportation :

Buses are the cheapest option, auto-rickshaws, cabs and trains come next in the line. When traveling on a rickshaw or cab do ask the rates before you board the vehicle to avoid any problems and confusions. Also it is advisable to check the rates with some authority figure beforehand. When traveling in a train for long-distance reserve your tickets in advance, you can also get reserved tickets for short-distance which is the best way to avoid the heavy rush in un-reserved compartments. If you don't get your tickets through the regular way you can get them through the "tatkal' quota by paying a little extra charge. Do ensure to carry toilet paper with you when you are going on a long distance journey in train. Most of the train-stations have a pre-paid rickshaw counter, which is the best way to avoid bargaining and squabbling with the rickshaw driver.

Smoking :

This may come as a surprise to Himachal has a strict ban on smoking in public places. Smoking in public places is considered a punishable offence under law.

Banks & ATMs :

The nationalized banks are open for business from 10.00 in the morning to 14.00 hrs in the afternoon. A couple of private banks are open for business between 8.00 in the morning to 8.00 in the night. There is also an extensive number of ATMs spread across the city, towns and villages of Himachal.

Know Your Budget Limits :

While traveling is fun, it can sometimes hurt your budget and savings. Allocate enough money for board and lodging reservation including your food budget. Allocate expenses related to entertainment as well so you will know exactly how much you will spend for your entire trip.

Credit Cards :

Most of the prominent hotels, shops and restaurants accept major credit cards.

Record your information :

Always when traveling off town, bring a notebook, or whatever’s comfortable for you to write on. Use it to record information about your activities, list important phone numbers, locations, write about your trip etc. When you come home, the notes in it will be a great reference source when are planning your second trip back!

Food :

Standards of hygiene in restaurants are also different from home. A general rule is to drink either filtered or bottled water, avoid anything that has not been cooked or that may have been washed in unclean water, and favor busy restaurants that are popular with locals or other travellers.

Travel light: put your suitcase on a diet :

Travel light and carry only the necessary clothes and other articles. Avoid heavy and light colored dresses that require maintenance and get dirty soon. Carry clothes that are easy to maintain require less / no ironing and dry in less time. Carry clothes according to the temperature conditions of the destinations. Checkup with friends hotels or the internet for this.

Traveling with kids is a family time that should be enjoyed together and all that is required is putting to good use some travel trips. It is important to schedule the departure earlier to be prepared for anything unexpected. The only way to beat holiday traffic is to leave earlier, but if it is within the financial

Pre-Departure Tips :

Pack your bags in advance.

Keep print out of tour plan and Hotel confirmation vouchers.

Carry the valid identify proofs (driver license/ Voter card/ Passport).

Personal Medicines, Sunscreen lotion, Lip balm, Glucose.

Chocolates, biscuits, nuts and mineral water.

Other essentials: Paper soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, Slippers and toilet paper

Sweater, Socks. Handkerchief/towels and sports shoes as per weather conditions

Chargers for all the gadgets, cameras and mobile

3 socket power strip

Enough memory cards to last you the entire trip

Emergency Numbers

Always keep the emergency contacts of the place you are visiting and your family members handy. Always save the details of your accommodation in your mobile devices and share the information with your family members. Here's a list of quick contacts for your reference.

Police : 100

Ambulance : 102

District Control Room : 1077

Emergency Contact Number [Integrated Police/ Fire Station/ Medical Services] : 108

Tourist Information Office (Shimla) : 0177-2658302, 0177-2652561

Tourism Information Office (Manali) : 01902-253531

Tourism Information Office (Kullu) : 01902-222349

Tourism Information Office (Dharamshala) : 01892-224212

Tourism Information Office (Dalhousie) : 01899-242136

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